at Murtoa

Surprisingly, the Wimmera Mallee trip turned out to be an addition to the Mt Arapiles photo-session with the Melbourne-based Friends of Photography Group, rather than the reverse. The reverse was what I’d mapped out prior to going on the photo trip.

My time and energy was taken up grappling with the nature photography at Mt Arapiles, rather than actually spending lots of time photographing in the Wimmera Mallee. The latter is what I’d initially set out to do.

One of the Wimmera images that I wanted to rephotograph in the late afternoon light for the space /place section in the forthcoming exhibition at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery was this old flour mill in Murtoa:

Murtoa, Wimmera, Victoria

I wanted to represent the boundedness or enclosing around of place, rather than understanding place in terms of a nodal point that gathers various spatial trajectories and flows. Boundedness–or rather, a bounded openness– is what is primary in the concept of place.

The weather was against me staying any longer in the Wimmera Mallee after my overnight stay at Lake Marma at Murtoa. The weather quickly became bright and sunny after the wet, windy weather that I experienced over the weekend camp at Mt Arapiles.

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