returning to the Wimmera Mallee

I am planning to make a quick return to the Jung and Murtoa region in the Wimmera Mallee whilst Suzanne is walking in Lord Howe Island. I am piggybacking on spending a weekend (6th-8th September) with the Friends of Photography Group (FOPG) at Mt Arapiles in Victoria’s Wimmera plains.

FOPG are a Melbourne-based large format film landscape photography group who make a number of day excursions together during the year as well as a couple of weekend ones. They also have frequent print viewings and a yearly exhibition. The FOPG group was formed in 2015, and it is led/facilitated by David Tatnall, who also writes the very impressive View Camera Australia blog.

water tower, Jung, Wimmera

Sadly, there is no such volunteer group in Adelaide. Adelaide’s photographic culture is currently dominated by the South Australian branch of the commercially orientated AIPP photographers.

Hence my interest in linking up with those large format photographers in Melbourne who are working outside the photographic industry; even though I am on the margins of the FOGP group, as I am not a wilderness orientated landscape photographer and I don’t print my negatives in a wet darkroom.