in Hopetoun

On a recent trip in 2022 through the north-western Victorian Mallee I retraced a section of this earlier tip in 2021. I stayed a couple of nights at Lake Lascelles in Hopetoun for a photo session the next day. I had stayed there in 2017 in the early collaborative stages of the Mallee Routes project; a stage that finished once the project became more conceptual in orientation.

Just prior to this trip I had been looking at Martin Mischkulnig and Tim Winton’s Smalltown and both the photos and text encouraged me to go through the Mallee Routes archives. In doing so I came across a couple of possibilities for some large format photography in Hopetoun. Hence the stopover.

This is a photo of a water tower, playing field and silos in Hopetoun that I made whilst on the 2022 trip:

Linhof Technika IV
watertank, Hopetoun, Victoria

It was made in the early morning. It was chilly and my fingers got really cold from working the aluminium knobs on the Linhof Technika. I really needed gloves. Unfortunately, I only had ski mittens which didn’t allow me to use my fingers.

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