at Murtoa

I did, however, manage to re-photograph this railway line and silos at Jung with the 5×4 Linhof Technika in the early morning light. I’d initially scoped this scene for the space/place section in the main gallery at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery.

silos, Jung, Wimmera

The cloud cover that morning wasn’t ideal, but the photograph I made does give a sense of space in the Wimmera Mallee, which is what I’d wanted to achieve. I was interested in the extendedness or openness of space. Extension or openness is what is primary in the concept of space, and this is usually understood to be apart from boundedness.

In the space/place relationship space has become dominant in western culture of modernity with openness transforming into extendedness. Place as boundedness is understood as a division within the structure of openness. The space that is the Mallee, for instance, is divided into different regions–eg., the Murray Mallee, Wimmera Mallee, Loddon Mallee etc –within the same extended field.

Since the forecasted weather was against me I didn’t bother hanging around the Wimmera to try and rephotograph what I had previously scoped for the Unknown Futures section of the exhibition.

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