2019 Mallee Routes photo-book

I have finally put together a pdf of a new limited edition Mallee Routes photobook in collaboration with Paul Atkins from Atkins Lab. Paul’s knowledge and help with the book design and the editing of the images was crucial the production of the pdf. The pdf has been sent to Sydney to be printed by Momento Pro and a quote has been received and accepted.

Entitled Mallee Routes: Photographing the Mallee 2019, the book consists of a series of scoping images made with small, handheld cameras. It is designed to supplement my framed prints in the upcoming collaborative exhibition at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery in December. It is similar in style to the earlier 2018 book, but unlike that one, it is divided into three sections–‘absent history’, ‘space/place’ and ‘unknown futures’. These are the sections in the exhibition and they correspond to the 3 galleries.

This picture of a door of a deserted house on the Mallee Highway in Victoria is an out-take from the central space/place section of the book:

door, Cowangie, Victoria, 2019

The limited edition Mallee Routes: Photographing the Mallee 2019 is a concertina style book with minimal text about the Mallee country. The quality has been improved: the book has a hard cover, better paper and improved colour. It is more of a traditional photobook–a book of photos– than an artist book, as the latter is basically an art object in the form of a book.

9 Comments on “2019 Mallee Routes photo-book

  1. What an effort to get there Gary and producing the book
    Well done to make it puBlic – to make it seen 👍🙏

    • It’s only a limited edition book Lars, and so it will not be widely available. The latter type of book—with a commercial publisher–is a couple of years down the track.

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  4. We are 5th generational SA Mallee farmers who have experienced the ‘dying of towns and rains’ and unsustainability of agriculture since the turn of the century, and after 10 more years of drought, we too became as tired, dried up, cracked and exhausted as our stressed and decaying farm landscape. So we left the old country and moved on. I am so drawn to the humanity in your work. looking forward to your exhibition.

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