a Yarriambiack suite?

However, I wasn’t sure what would come next in the suite after the first two images of the Yarriambiack Creek. I did have in mind a landscape with a silo and railway line in order to give a sense of the produced space of the Wimmera Mallee. That kinda made sense.

But then I needed to build on these 3 images. Working out what could be the next image in the Yarriambiack suite was where I started to struggle. What would work in terms of the series?

One possibility is an image of decay in the Wimmera. Say a run down motel that is still being used by those on the road?

motel, Warracknabeal, Victoria

The emphasis would be on decay in the Yarriambiack region. Another example:

Murtoa Motors, Victoria

I would probably only need one image of decay and I think that the motel one works the best. I don’t think that these images of decay coming after the silo landscape image would make the Yarriambiack suite too negative.

That leaves a space open for another image. Say one that is quite different from the others—an interior. An example:

cup +saucer, Hopetoun, Victoria

Maybe the suite could end with another Wimmera landscape? This would end the suite on an upbeat note.

Looking back over this material I reckon that that the Yarriambiack suite is a goer and that I have a rough draft to work with. The couple of days I spent wandering around in the Wimmera have paid off.