a Yarriambiack suite?

Prior to the Wentworth photocamp on the Darling River I spent some time in the Victorian Wimmera thinking about, and scoping for, a series of images that I planned to call the Yarriambiack suite. Would this be a goer?

The trip involved a lot of travelling. I went to Wentworth via the Dukes Highway and the Victorian Wimmera (Murtoa, Donald, Lake Boga and Swan Hill) and I returned to Encounter Bay via the Goyder Highway, Morgan and the South Australia Mallee.

I set up the tent for the 4 days I camped at Wentworth, and swagged the rest of the time that I was on the road. The stopovers at Murtoa, Donald, and Swan Reach were only over-night stays.

Yarriambiack Creek, Henty Highway, Victoria

Whilst I was driving around the Victorian Wimmera I thought that a Yarriambiack suite would work for the Mallee Spaces on a back wall in the central gallery of the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery for the upcoming exhibition in December. The suite would be a series of photos of the Yarriambiack region –say a series of 4-5 images — that would represent different aspects of the different aspects of the spatial dimension of the Victorian Wimmera.

So I spent a day or so driving around the Wimmera and I ended up concentrating on scoping the ephemeral Yarriambiack Creek. I was looking for places where there was no water in the creek, as I already had some photos of water in the creek near Jung from a previous trip.