Copeville and Galga

I mentioned in an update on the Claypan post that I needed to make another trip to the Copeville and Galga area of the South Australian Murray Mallee to pick up where I’d have left off. As I mentioned, the previous trip had been cut short, as I’d neglected to take my sleeping bag; and it was too cold to continue sleeping in my clothes in the swag in the early winter month of June.

am, limestone quarry, Copeville, South Australian mallee

I plan to start the Copeville/Galga trip within a week so— definitely after the current high winds and stormy weather. I will initially return to stay at the limestone quarry at Copeville, as there are not many public spaces in this part of the Murray Mallee— just unsealed roads between fields. The quarry is a sheltered space away from the roads, and it is preferable to swagging within the sparse roadside vegetation on an unsealed road.

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