in Hopetoun

The silos and the railway dominate the town. I remember on the 2017 trip that a train was there for most of the day whilst its wagons were being filled with wheat from the silos in the background.

On the following morning I made this image:

railway shed, Hopetoun, Victoria

I was so impressed by Martin Mischkulnig’s photographs of regional Australia in the Smalltown book that I purchased a second hand copy at great expense. There were only two second hand copies listed online in Australia so I moved fast.

Even though the photos in the Mallee Routes project concentrated on a much smaller regional area I could see that they had an affinity with Mischkulnig’s representations of regional Australia in Smalltown. The latter gave me a context to situate this project; a point of reference as it were. Both projects were based on road trips, the photos are topographical in orientation and they were made in low light.

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