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The Darling is now in dire straits, due to the massive  increased water use upstream,  bad water management, water theft and corruption.  The result is that the Darling River is no longer a healthy river system. The Menindee Lakes are dry.

I am not sure how far I need to travel north along the Silver City Highway to come across the Darling’s dry river bed; nor am I even sure whether I can gain access to the river at these locations. From memory most of the Darling River, on both sides, along the Silver City Highway is enclosed by private property.

Stick Shed, Murtoa, Victoria

One option may be to access the Great Darling Anabranch where the Renmark Rd to the Rufus River crosses it. As I want to photograph around Rufus River for the Our Waters project, this may be my best option.

However, the backwash from the River Murray may well go past this part of the Darling Anabranch, and so I may have to find a location that is further upstream if I want a photograph of a dry river bed to indicate the future of the Lower Darling region.

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