At Kapunda

My memories of photographing in the mid-north started coming back whilst I was exploring the mid-north region around the township of Eudunda. I recalled being here as I noticed that some of the buildings were familiar:

Bruce St, Eudunda, SA

the town had not changed that much from the 1990s. The railway line had been pulled up and the station was decaying. It was similar in Kapunda, through there the railway station appeared to be in private hands. In some ways it was like I was stepping back into the history of 20-30 years ago.

In this stepping back into time I re-photographed a picture of silos that I’d made in the 1990s, albeit from a different perspective:

Burford’s Candles, Eudunda

I explored this Burford Candles site near the old railway line by re-imaging what I did in the 1990s with my large format camera. When I returned from the road trip I went looking for these b+w negatives. Alas I could not find them, along with some others from this 1980-1990s period.

The Kapunda camp was a strange experience as prior to being there I’d completely forgotten that I had been on previous photographic roadtrips through this region. When I walked around the open cut mine at Kapunda on the first morning of the camp that I realised that the mine ruins were familiar. I realised that I’d been here before and photographed it.

When I stopped at the township of Robertstown on the edge of the Murray plains whilst exploring the Tothill Ranges I realised that it was also familiar to me. I’d been here when I was exploring the Mt Lofty Ranges and the interface between the Ranges and the Murray Plains. The railway line to Robertstown from Eudunda no longer existed.

Garage, Robertstown

Prior to the Kapunda camp I thought that I’d only been on roadtrips to Burra, Spalding, Crystal Book and Jamestown in the 1980-1990’s period.

Maybe I’ll recover more memories about other forgotten photo trips during this period when I am at the next Lavender Trail camp at Clare in mid-September.

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