Gary’s digital gallery

The various images in this  digital gallery or  portfolio are of  the South Australian and Victorian Mallee. They have been taken with a digital  camera on various road trips. Though  I mostly  use a digital camera to scope  images for my film photos in  the Mallee Routes  project, sometimes  these digital  sketches stand on their own. Often  the sketches  are   better than the subsequent film images, primarily  because I happened to… Read More

History Gallery

This archival gallery provides the historical context, and reference point,   for the contemporary images  in the other  Mallee Routes’ galleries. Most of these archival photos of the history of the Mallee were found in the National Library of Australia’s Trove collection or the Victorian State Library. One  valuable resource in this archive is the Bill Boyd Photographic Collection in the Museum Victoria Collections.  Most of the vernacular photographs in the Boyd collection were taken between… Read More

Eric’s Gallery

It is the desire to escape the familiar that sends me out on the road seeking fresh places to explore and capture in photographs. Over the years I have been drawn repeatedly to the Mallee country because of its unique sense of place. I’m attracted by the big skies and open country, both the cleared land and the vast, remaining expanses of natural Mallee scrub. The small towns, many of which are… Read More

Gilbert’s Gallery

Travelling along the Mallee Routes I see ‘The Mallee’ as it is now, and the traces of the way it was. The past is entwined with the present. Different cultures leave behind different traces. Modern human endeavour has a dramatic effect on the environment leaving behind altered landscapes criss-crossed with new and old structures. And there is destruction and the detritus of neglect. No areas within the Mallee have not been untouched;… Read More

Gary’s Film Gallery

The various images   in this  portfolio  are of the South Australian and Victorian Wimmera Mallee. They  have been taken with a variety of  film cameras over a number of years. The  first four black and white images are from my  archives, and they made  in  the 1980s.  The cameras used are  primarily  medium and large format (5×7 and 5×4).