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The various images in this  digital gallery or  portfolio are mostly  photographs of  the South Australian and Victorian Mallee. They have been taken with a digital  camera on various road trips or on the different photo camps. Though  I primarily use a digital camera in  the Mallee Routes  project to scope the  images for my subsequent  film photos, sometimes  these digital  sketches are able to stand on their own. Often  the sketches  are  better than the subsequent film images, simply  because I happened to be there at the right time with a digital camera.  Going back to the same spot to re-photograph with a film camera at a latter date means working in different conditions. The result is often a different photo.

Being on the road trip in the Mallee means that you have to do a lot of driving to become familiar with the region, a willingness to wander off the beaten track,  and an acceptance that you need   to work within the conditions that you find yourself in. Hence the idea of making sketches  for future work. These sketches have been incorporated into limited edition books that are used to supplement my  prints in the exhibitions. Three such books are planned, one of which was produced for the 2018 exhibition at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery in Victoria.

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